Service Design

SD p35 changed bullet point

In last bullet list before section 3.6.3, penultimate bullet point [that's the second to last one, Billy-Bob] changed from ‘Security Management Information System (SMIS)’to ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’ [shades of the Peoples Front of Judea]

SD P33 Figure 3.6

SD P33 3.6.2 Designing supporting systems…
In Figure 3.6, ‘Service Knowledge Management System’ was added to top of database shape containing the Service Portfolio

Source ISEB

SD p145 Figure 4.27 Security control - It is shown as 'Direction' - instead of 'Detection'

Book: Service Design.

Section 4.6.5
Figure 4.28: Security Controls for Threats and Incidents.

The Controls just under the box 'Incident', are shown: 'Direction' and 'Repression'.

These should have been 'Detection' and 'Repression'

For validating this, the explanation in the next page (page 146 in pdf version) can be referred to.

A clear typo - but since it is in the diagram - have seen even some coursewares showing the diagram as is.

External influences on solution design

Figure 3.14 External influences on solution design on page 48 in the upper left portion of the diagram it should be ISO/IEC 20000 vice 2000

All books 2.2.1 repeats service definition

pure pedantry:

Chapter 2 is in all books (though with very subtle editorial differences).

2.2.1 the text at the start in a box defining a service is almost identical with the following paragraph - should have been edited?

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