Service Design

SD five or six elements?

Page 143 mentions the five elements within the framework are as follows:

However the book actually mentions 6:

1. Control

2. Plan

3. Implement

4. Evaluation (should be evaluate – see figure 4.26)

5. Maintain

6. Security governance

This would make the ISMS (figure 4.26) either incomplete or wrong

SD what is ITP?

Page 142 uses the acronym ITP - I'm sure they mean ISP

Supplier strategy & policy undefined in ITIL V3 Service Strategy

Service Design p 162 requires a Supplier Strategy & Policy from Service Strategy. Service Strategy does not mention anything with regard to this. The glossary does not define any of these two terms.

Again a cross book omission. Great, I just wanted to write a few things on the Supplier Strategy and now I am out of references (ISO 20000 does not help here, CobiT neither). OK, again I will use my common sense.

SD p31 PM and warranty

The diagram on p31 is just wrong. It shows the project team's job is done at the start of the pilot or warranty period. This is "dead cat syndrome" which must be avoided at all costs. A project team should retain ownership through the warranty period until acceptance has been signed off.

SD p101: MTBF

Not considering that there is quite a lot of discussion about the usage of the acronyms MTBF, MTTF, MTRS and so on, this is simply wrong (or at least inconsistant):

MTBSI = Available time in hours / Number of breaks
MTBF = (Available time in hours - Total downtime in hours) / Number of breaks

Available time to my understanding is the time the service is up and running properly. Some people call it "uptime", though that is easily confused with the moment in time the service comes up. So it should be:

Available time in hours = uptime = Total time - downtime


SD p291 Glossary: Brainstorming

Under the glossaery definition for ‘Brainstorming’ change the words ‘Service Operation’ to ‘Service Design’

SD p214 ‘Service Transition Pack’ changed to ‘Service Design Pack’

8.5.1 Prerequisities for success
In left hand column, 4th line from bottom, ‘Service Transition Pack’ changed to ‘Service Design Pack’
8.5.2 Critical Success Factors…
In penultimate bullet point on page, ‘Service Transition Pack’ changed to ‘Service Design Pack’

SD p147,148 change SMIS to ISMS

147 Outputs
2nd bullet point changed to ‘An Information Security Management System (ISMS)’
4.6.8 Information Management
3 instances of SMIS changed to ISMS

SD p145 Figure 4.27

In Figure 4.27, bold text on left hand side of figure changed to ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’.

SD p79 ‘Catalogue’ replaced with ‘Level’

In first sentence on the page, replace ‘Service Catalogue Management’ with ‘Service Level Management’

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