OGC rebranding comes apart, so to speak

Here at the IT Skeptic website we try to maintain the highest standards of decency and decorum but this one is irresistable. For your amusement, the less easily offended readers should read on.

OGC publish a useless Lifecycle Process Model for ITIL V3

ITIL V3 process modelOGC have recently published the long-promised Lifecycle Process Model for ITIL V3. It is pretty much useless in its published state.

IT Skeptic Awards 2007 - IT Skeptic

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A podcast of the original article

The IT Skeptic is pleased to announce our annual New Year's awards, inaugurated last year. These awards are presented to deserving figures and organisations in the IT industry in general and the ITSM industry in particular.

Visions of the Future of ITIL: Third Vision

The IT Swami gives us his mid-year Visions of the Future of ITIL. Previously we had the First Vision and Second Vision. This is the Third:

Where to officially report ITIL book errors: "behind a locked door marked BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD"

ITSM View has drawn our attention to the official "Change Control System" for ITIL (and presumably other) documentation on the Best Practice site owned by OGC, APM Group, the Best Practice User Group, itSMF and TSO. He has done a great public service by doing so, because nobody else has, least of all the ITIL books themselves.

The king's method of writing a new decree: how OGC does ITIL V3 - The IT Skeptic

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This is a podcast of the original article The king's method of writing a new decree: how OGC does ITIL V3

The king's method of writing a new decree: how OGC does ITIL V3

This article has been podcast.

This recent comment on this blog "the OGC could have done a better job of communicating during the process" comes from someone - if it is who I'm pretty sure it is - who is well placed in the ITIL "elite". That is my #1 point in all my ITIL V3 postings.

All this British public service "you'll know when we decide it is time to tell you" stuff is not how new versions of all standards/frameworks are developed, and I don't think it is best practice.

A hot-potato ITIL Refresh session at upcoming bITa USA conference

Now here is a conference session the IT Skeptic would love to attend: "Can’t Speak Won’t Speak – ITILv3 "!

The PIllars of ITIL: time for OGC's ITIL to grow up or wither

In the early days ITIL was a casual thing: a loose collection of books from a loose collection of experts. Now it is a billion (I guess) dollar industry affecting millions of people. Publishing a few books is not enough any more.

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