confirmed in BOK database

SD p79 ‘Catalogue’ replaced with ‘Level’

In first sentence on the page, replace ‘Service Catalogue Management’ with ‘Service Level Management’

SD p35 changed bullet point

In last bullet list before section 3.6.3, penultimate bullet point [that's the second to last one, Billy-Bob] changed from ‘Security Management Information System (SMIS)’to ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’ [shades of the Peoples Front of Judea]

SS p238 Glossary: Cost Model

In the definition for ‘Cost Unit’, ‘(Financial Management)’ was changed to ‘(Service Strategy)’

SS p114 Figure 5.8

In lower left-hand box, middle section, change ‘MTTR’ to ‘MTRS’ twice

SD P33 Figure 3.6

SD P33 3.6.2 Designing supporting systems…
In Figure 3.6, ‘Service Knowledge Management System’ was added to top of database shape containing the Service Portfolio

Source ISEB

SS P201 Figure 9.5

SS P201 Figure 9.5
The two arrows within the large oval, one next to the circle ‘Customer assets’ and the other next to the circle ‘Service assets’ have had their directions reversed, so that the first one points upwards (in an anti-clockwise direction), and the second one points downwards (in an anti-clockwise direction).

Source ISEB

SS P86 Incorrect reference to Table 4.6

In section 4.4.2, page 86 there is a reference to Table 5.3. I think it should be "table 4.6". That is the closest table that also makes sense in the context of the reference. Seems like an editing error.

Definition of marginal costing

"Definition of marginal costing is incorrect in accounting terms. It identifies the cost and contribution of producing one more unit of work/activity. Definition given in the glossary more closely resembles that for standard costing."

[from ]

Definition of Certification in glossary

"Definition of Certification in glossary states 'The term Certification is also used to mean awarding a certificate to verify that a person has achieved a qualification.' This is incorrect; a certificate is awarded to serve as evidence that a person has achieved a qualification. Someone other than the awarding authority would use it to verify the qualification of the individual. This is an important distinction."

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Definition of Accounting in glossary

"Definition of Accounting in glossary is incorrect, includes activities associated with Budgeting (comparing costs with budget to determine and manage variance)."

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