New improved version of the IT Skeptics "ITIL Version 2 to Version 3 Transformation" diagram


7 step process ??

Your diagram, while not explicitly stating it, indicates that processes are the focal point.
Do you see the "Seven step" as a process, or merely a methodology within a methodology.

v3 describes it as a process - but I'm not so sure.

Does it matter?

The diagram is process-centric only because it maps how Version 2 transforms into Version 3.

Version 3 seems to try not to be process-centric. Unlike you training vendors :-D I'm flying blind at this point - I don't have all the books. In particular I don't have CSI, so I haven't been able to form an opinion on that.

Sounds like there are a few areas that may or may not be processes in the strict sense. Does it matter?

P.S. sorry about the logon issues you (and others) are experiencing - I may have fixed it.... I hope!

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