We don't have Thanksgiving in New Zealand but with a third of this blog's readers kicking back and being grateful tomorrow it seemed like a good time to be grateful too.

I'm thankful for

  • Friends who share their ideas, and who counsel and correct me
  • My patient family who put up with whatever it is I do with that blog thing
  • Customers, who put their faith in me
  • All those who labour to create the IT bodies of knowledge that I use, the giant shoulders i stand on: COBIT, ITIL, USMBOK and others...
  • The internet, which makes the world small enough for this Kiwi to be heard
  • The internet, which puts most of mankind's knowledge on an instantly accessible buffet
  • Castle ITIL's endless stream of good material for the blog. I couldn't make this stuff up (though some claim I do).

Most of all I'm thankful for you dear readers (and followers on twitter, and Chokey fans on facebook). Without your interest, I wouldn't do this. As I said to a friend recently, it matters to me how many follow. Communication is two-way. I don't shout about ITSM in the empty valleys when I go to the mountains. if nobody is listening, I am silent. Of course followers matter.

So your interest rewards me. (As of today it only rewards me spiritually - I dropped the ads, at least for a while). I hope reading the blog and the tweets is as rewarding for you: I want to give value and entertainment in return.


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