The Skeptical Informer 2013 number 10: CLARIFICATION

After the publication of the Skeptical Informer 2013 number 10 I received the following email:


Please issue a public apology and a retraction for your derogatory and inaccurate statement (see next) within 5 business days regarding your comment about my lack of attendance of the LeadIT13.

You said, "Well nobody from Axelos saw fit to show up to one of the biggest itSMF conferences in the world, LEADit in Australia. And G2G3's new North American employee, Ian Clayton, didn't show even though he was billed as a keynote speaker. Seems Axelos doesn't need itSMF."

I also noticed you did not mention Lockheed Martin failed to attend - why not?

You see, not that I need to explain to you, but Lockheed Martin were the primary event, it was a co-presentation with them leading that keynote.

For a combination of reasons - sequester being the foremost and a major item here in the US - the presenter Dr. Shue-Jane Thompson, my sponsor and reference, Chief of ITSM across $40bn of business, had to withdraw.

A local replacement was offered. itSMF Australia declined the replacement option.

This was sometime late May, early June.

In my continued conversations with the itSMF Australis Board they decided it was not worth the expense of flying me out. It was a mutual decision caused by circumstances out of our collective control and had nothing to do with a lack of commitment. In fact if you check the facts with the Board, I had also offered any number of alternate remote sessions as a further option.

Just so we are clear here - as you seem to have a problem with some other facts. I have nothing to do with Axelos. I have not attended any ITIL planning meetings, including the public sessions/workshops held recently in London, which I noticed you failed to attend as well. I also work for a completely separate entity.

I'm copying G2G3 corporate so they can decide if further action, including perhaps legal, is warranted with respect to your statements and inflammatory opinion of their commitment to itSMF as well as a malformed statement about myself.

I'll also be discussing this matter in person with Dr. Thompson at my next client visit early September.


Ian is correct that I didn't find out from itSMF Australia why he was a no-show. I apologise for not having sought that information and for the implication that it was unexpected. I accept that it didn't suit the priorities of itSMF Australia or G2G3 to have Ian at the conference.

I'm aware of the official corporate relationship between G2G3 and Axelos, as different subsidiaries of Capita. I'm most grateful to Ian for reminding us of it. Readers will be able to draw your own conclusions over time as to the actual business linkages or otherwise between those subsidiaries.

I hope that it is not going to be an ongoing pattern of interaction with G2G3 that the first engagements are threats of legal action.

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