Fractured Agile

Agile seems to go off in many directions. There are multiple flavours of Agile, often driven by one strong personality. Will there ever be a unified vision of Agile quite like there was when the Agile Manifesto was written?
Actually I'm sure there wasn't. I can guess how the conversations went that day. Agile has always been thus, and always will be?

Now we have [last updated 3/9/19]

  1. Adaptive Software Development
  2. Agile Fluency
  3. AgileShift
  4. Agility Scales
  5. Business Agility
  6. Crystal Clear, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange...
  7. Disciplined Agile
  8. DSDM
  9. Enterprise Scrum
  10. Fluid Agile Scaling Technology
  11. FLEX
  12. Heart of Agile
  13. Integral agile
  14. Kanban Method
  15. LeSS
  16. LeSS Huge
  17. Management 3.0
  18. Modern Agile
  19. Nexus
  20. Openspace Agility
  21. Organic Agile
  22. Prince2 Agile (ack!)
  23. Requisite Agility
  24. SAFe
  25. Scrum
  26. Scrum@Scale
  27. Scaled Agile for Practitioners
  28. Spotify model
  29. SEMAT
  30. Shape Up
  31. ShiftUp
  32. TameFlow
  33. Toyota Kata
  34. XP
  35. XScale

Did I miss any?

(Others I judged to be out of scope include FDD, TDD, TPS, TWI... AgendaShift, OpenSpace Beta and all the other Open frameworks....
Why do I get to decide? Because you can on a blog).

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