Axelos legal bullies on the rampage

© Can Stock Photo Inc sumnersIt seems that Axelos's lawyers are no better than TSO's were: a bunch of idiot bullies.

In order to justify their existence it seems they have been trawling through CafePress registering an IP violation on every design that mentions the word ITIL.

This only indicates they are shit lawyers, as there is nothing illegal about mentioning ITIL, and there is especially nothing illegal about satirical mentions. But of course lawyers don't have souls so no sense of humour.

As a result, a whole bunch of my merchandise is now blocked, since Cafepress like most sites run scared and take a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach.
Now I don't make much money off this merchandise, but I'll have to spend hours corresponding with Cafepress support to get my designs re-enabled. Especially note the design for "The IT Skeptic", which has nothing to do with ITIL and is my core logo, now blocked.

So to [update: I took the name of the lady out, I should not make it personal, sorry] AXELOS Global Best Practice: go fuck yourself. Thanks for nothing.

P.S. nobody owns the trademark on DevOps. Given that Axelos are now "the official provider of DevOps", perhaps it is only a matter of time before they make new friends in that community too...

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