Can we get ISO20000 for just some processes?

Dear Mr Wizard

We would like to ISO20000 certify only for incident, problem and configuration. Can we do that?


Dear SDM,

No sorry ISO20000 is very clear that you must be complying with all the processes in order to obtain certification. They are very rigorous about checking that.

On the other hand you are free to define the scope, i.e. what subset of your company is being certified. And once certified, nothing prevents you from slapping the ISO200000 logo on letterhead, website and business cards, regardless of the scope of the certification. I see you sign yourself "SDM", which I'm guessing is Service Desk Manager or Service Delivery Manager. Either way, I suggest you define the scope for certification to be the area up to 1m around your desk. Study hard, get the certification, then take it to your boss so you get an extra Christmas bonus (or hong bao or ...)

Bingo! your company is ISO20000 certified. Yes this works: some large companies have done it this way (though the radius varies).

Good luck!
the ITIL Wizard

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