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This database holds known errors in Body of Knowledge (BOK) publications such as ITIL®, COBIT, ISO20000... The purpose is to:

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If your requirement is solely to notify OGC/TSO of an error in a book, you can use the official "Change Control System".

We do NOT track errors in websites, white papers and other ephemera; only published books and documents. Note that we take a fairly broad interpretation of 'error' to include such things as inconsistencies between BOK (eg ITIL differs from COBIT) because tracking these will be useful. Please do not make it any wider: the fact that you do not agree is not an error.

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Contributor <small>cmts</small>sort icon Updated status
SD p145 Figure 4.27 skeptic 0 08/03/12
automated change ? skeptic 0 07/06/26
SD p145 Figure 4.27 Security control - It is shown as 'Direction' - instead of 'Detection' vinodka 0 08/03/12
SO p58, p61 ‘unknown’ deleted skeptic 0 08/03/12
ST p69 Wrong hierarchy in the CMS avallesalas 0 09/03/13
Unclear, confusing definition of 'separation of concerns' ianclayton 0 07/07/06
SS P201 Figure 9.5 skeptic 0 08/03/12
When does CSI begin? P.22 tim.malone 0 09/08/17
SO p35 Event definition pfranck 0 08/03/12
SD p79 ‘Catalogue’ replaced with ‘Level’ skeptic 0 08/03/12
No ... Manager roles defined in glossary skeptic 0 07/06/25
ST p90 Figure 4.20 skeptic 0 08/03/12
Definition of marginal costing skeptic 0 07/07/01
Large amount of PYIFE book rendered obsolete by AMPG syllabus changes skeptic 0 08/02/14
CSI p124 PIR belongs in 5.6.5 skeptic 0 08/03/12
1.4 does not scan skeptic 0 07/06/25
super pedantic: no "G" in green-field skeptic 0 07/07/11
External influences on solution design mwalter 0 07/08/21
SD p35 changed bullet point skeptic 0 08/03/12
SO p 123 6.3.4 "IT Operations Management" skeptic 0 08/03/12
ST p223 CAB/EC to ECAB vinodka 0 08/03/12
SD p291 Glossary: Brainstorming skeptic 0 08/03/12
Known Error sub-process aroos 0 08/10/22
Definition of Certification in glossary skeptic 0 07/07/01
PYIFE Page 157: 12.2 Question 4 wrong skeptic 0 08/02/14
CSI assorted editing errors refering to figure "below" skeptic 0 08/03/12
Supplier strategy & policy undefined in ITIL V3 Service Strategy mbuzina 0 09/05/07
paragraph 2.4.3 should be the value of the volume to the business PELIJN 0 07/06/26
typo "form" for "from" skeptic 0 07/07/11
SS p238 Glossary: Cost Model skeptic 0 08/03/12
SD five or six elements? skeptic 0 09/10/30
ST Figure 4.20 typo "assume" means "assure" skeptic 0 07/07/01
p61 "Security Management" should be title ? Christophe De Boeck 0 07/08/20
SD p214 ‘Service Transition Pack’ changed to ‘Service Design Pack’ skeptic 0 08/03/12
SD p31 PM and warranty skeptic 0 08/09/13
Definition of Accounting in glossary skeptic 0 07/07/01
PYIFE Page 90: 6.6 Question 3 wrong skeptic 0 08/02/14
CSI p162 figure is 8.3 skeptic 0 08/03/12
ST p200 SCM or CMS? skeptic 0 08/03/12
SS p114 Figure 5.8 skeptic 0 08/03/12