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The ITIL Wizard prefers to remain anonymous because, as a recognised industry-leading expert on ITIL, he has more work than he can handle already. This column is just his way of giving back to the industry that rewards him so well.

For pity's sake people, this stuff is SATIRE! Will you quit taking it seriously please. Learn to read critically for your own protection. Sheesh.

I used to make the questions up, but now, sadly, I find plenty of material online for the questions as well as the answers.

Can we get ISO20000 for just some processes?

Dear Mr Wizard

We would like to ISO20000 certify only for incident, problem and configuration. Can we do that?


Service is defined in terms of the CMDB

Dear Wizard

A comment on this IT Skeptic blog said "I have always considered ITIL to be distinct from SM. It considers itself 'good practise' in other words an accumulation of experience or body of knowledge. Wheras SM is based on the concept of a 'service' which is defined in terms of a CMDB. To me both service and CMDB are not clearly defined and lead to confusion. ITIL for all it's faults is a framework take it or leave it wheras SM and iso20000 is a standard based on unclear concepts."

Is it true that service is defined in terms of a CMDB?


Dear W

ITIL security guidance

Dear Wizard

Does ITIL contain some reference about signatures, and disclaimers in outgoing mails ?

I'm certified in ITIL foundations, and i've done some research about but nothing has been found. There's the typical disclaimer, but nothing more i think.


How to implement ITIL for a client?

Dear Mr Wizard

I am certified in ITIL V3 foundation and my company is planning to implement ITIL at one of our client's site.

ITIL for Telecom Techs

Dear Wiz;
I manage a large workgroup of telecom techs that see ITIL as just a framework for the Service Desk and feel the processes should not apply to them and the work they do (supporting WAN transmission equipment, PBX systems, Base Radio systems, etc...). Are there references to implementing ITIL within a Telecom organization?

A few quick questions about ITIL

Dear Wizard

I have been tasked with a project to introduce service management globally in our organisation. I hope you can help me with a few quick questions