A wandering skeptic I've become...

It is always a wonderful experience to meet members of our virtual community in person, and I get not one but four opportunities to do that in coming months.

I'll be in Copenhagen (for US readers: that's in Denmark) on 18th May for the Danish itSMF Spring Conference. That's exciting. I've never been to Scandinavia ...nor much of the rest of Europe for that matter.

Then I'm off to Ottawa at the end of May, for an itSMF professional development day on May 31st, where I hope to debate the impact of social media with my good mate Chris Dancy, the infamous ServiceSphere.

Both those places are pretty accessible to a large population around them, so if you come meet me from outside Copenhagen or Ottawa, I'll show my appreciation with a copy of one of my books.

Less accessible (to put it mildly) is Perth, Western Australia, where I'll be dusting off my Akubra for August 17-19 and the itSMF Oz national conference. I'll see my Aussie mates there for sure (both of them) but it would be a buzz to meet some readers from farther afield.

Those trips all involve ridiculous amounts of flying time (coach all the way) so I'm relieved to say the fourth upcoming event I'll be speaking at is the itSMF NZ conference here in Wellington June 6-8. The only downside of that event is staying sober for the drive home.

Where I won't be meeting any readers (except Pete) is in Craigieburn, my retreat in the Southern Alps where I'll be spending ten days over Easter. Gotta gather my reserves for the months ahead!

So I hope to meet quite a number of you in the next five months! And I'll be back in Las Vegas for PINK12 next year too...

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