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IT Consultant (heck, I don't know how else to describe it), operating primarily as an independant contractor in the IT space for 23+ years (as at 2009). More of a generalist than specialising in one particular IT area, with a particular focus on troubleshooting internal IT practices and developing business oriented solutions. However I love to design and cut code so the hard part is reigning in this desire. My goals centre around minimising the use of technology and returning the focus to people and processes wherever I can.

Personally I think the world has become far to techno-oriented and introspective. In my opinion 80%+ of technological (read chip-based) products and software are a complete waste of time and money and most of the remainder could be considered mere conveniences. Toys to distract the peasants as it were.

When between jobs I retire to my farm and enjoy the grounding in reality - true reality, not the 'I've got a 4-wheel drive therefore I'm a big outdoorsman' delusions that make me cringe. IT is how I make a living, but it is not my life.

Although not by any means a fatalist, I do believe that modern society has become deeply flawed from a sociological perspective and is constantly teetering on the edge of collapse. As we become more and more reliant on technological solutions and interconnectivity, the risks of propogated failures and eventual collapse become greater. I believe that the drive towards globalisation and consolidation of big business to the detriment of smaller, modal operations is fundamental to this problem and further serves to erode the fabric of society as individuality is replaced by conformity and the insidious need for self-gratification is fuelled by the greed of the few and the ignorance of the masses.

In the 'real world', I am involved in hands-on wildlife rescue/rehabilitation (ie repairing, medicating, healing and when necessary euthanasing), and do a lot of volunteer work for a local aboriginal preschool (yes, including IT support, but most often working on hands-on projects). It's a cliche, but a true one - kids are the future so I'm pleased to be involved in helping to shape their lives at a point where it really counts.


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