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United Kingdom
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I've worked as a programmer, systems programmer, and DBA before moving on to work at a number of systems management software companies - !Candle, MAXM Systems, Boole & Babbage, BMC Software. My roles at these companies started with customer support, moved through to pre-sales support (working with potential customers), professional services, then to various team leader , management and Technical Director roles. After being one of the many thousands laid off by BMC, I decided to try selling solutions some of the solutions that i believe in. I have been working with SXC for 5 years and we have built a comprehensive solution of systems management tools. We have gone for best-of-breed solutions and provide Business Service Management (Compuware Vantage Service Manager), Infrastructure Management nad CMDB(http://www.ni2.com) Auto-Discovery (EMC and Tideway), Capacith Management (TeamQuest) and LogFile management and analysis (http://www.logrhythm.com)). We also provide workload automation (UC4) and identity management/user provisioning (Sun) plus have developed some of our own technologies for systems management and compliance reporting that extend the tools we sell.

I really enjoy working in this field and try to stay abreast of new tools and techniques for systems management hence my interest in this blog.


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