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The CMDB boundary problem: stop chasing this technological rainbow of a unified CMDB repository

No matter how much you store in a central CMDB repository, there will always be some data somewhere else. Don't fall for all the vendor vapourware of federation tools. Stop chasing this technological rainbow of a unified CMDB repository. These are not technology problems. Fix the congiguration management process, then apply technology to the process if it helps.

Living without CMDB - The IT Skeptic

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A podcast of the original article from the IT Skeptic: Living without CMDB
CMDB is positioned as the key underpinning foundation to ITIL:

A great article on how technology does not fix process in CMDB

Here is another source, George Spafford, saying that tools are not the solution to configuration problems, change process is. As I have said, technology does not fix process. People Process Technology, in that order.

Book review: "I Think Something is Missing From ITIL" by Ian Clayton, reviewed by the IT Skeptic

Recently the IT Skeptic was given a review copy of the book “I Think Something is Missing from ITIL” by the author, Ian Clayton. While the influence of Clayton’s ongoing scrap with the ITIL powers-that-be colours the book and gives personal or negative content too much space, it still forms a powerful critique of ITIL, and even more importantly a fascinating set of ideas for where ITIL should be.

Is ITIL dead in the water? - The IT Skeptic

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A podcast of the original article from the IT Skeptic: Is ITIL Dead in the Water?
In five years time most organisations will consider ISO/IEC 20000 certification as a normal part of operating: a minimum benchmark. The horse has bolted with ISO/IEC 20000: the world sees it as “the ITIL standard” but OGC and itSMF have zero control of it.

ITIL is on the wane - Bruton

Here is an excellent article by Noel Bruton on how ITIL has peaked, that I commend to your attention.

But not just for that concept, though it is a lovely skeptical read. I particularly enjoyed his take on CMDB:

itSMF predicts competition to ITIL

Further to our recent comments about how ISO20000 will displace ITIL, and how the key players can be seen to be setting up for this, itSMF themselves predict emerging competition to ITIL:

IT Skeptic Awards 2006 - The IT Skeptic

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This is a podcast of the original blog entry by the IT Skeptic.

The IT Skeptic is pleased to announce our first annual awards, presented to deserving figures and organisations in the IT industry in general and the ITSM industry in particular.

You don't need a weatherman... watch everyone scramble aboard ISO20000

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" [Bob Dylan]. Watch all the key ITIL players rapidly embracing ISO20000. When ITIL is just one more IT-geek thing we reminisce about to prove how long we've been around, you read the prediction of its demise here first.

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