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ITIL, Prince2, Capita and the Cabinet Office - in the dark

Lots of people are asking what the IT Skeptic makes of the recent announcement of a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Capita to exploit the Best Practice Library. They're asking why I haven't made any comment yet. Two reasons: (1) I was off-grid for 10 days and (2) we haven't been given any information useful enough to draw many conclusions. Clearly the behaviour I call "Castle ITIL" will continue: you will be informed when they are good and ready to announce by decree, and until then the castle gates remain firmly shut. But I have been able to glean a few things...

The UK Government reinvents ITSM

How exactly does the UK Government spend time and money building a "Government Service Design Manual" targeted at builders of the online services that only once mentions ITIL?

And how does think that essential public services like passports, BD&M, benefits, justice, citizenship and tax are going to run with "Resources for service managers" that barely summarise the syllabus of an ITIL Foundations course?

DevOps ideology and dangerous over-simplification, that's how.

The TSO bull is back in the ITIL china-shop: TSO issues take-down notices

standoverThe TSO bull is back in the ITIL china-shop. Tweet this. The legal department of The Stationery Office (the publishers of ITIL) sent a letter to the publisher (not me) complaining that my book Owning ITIL® "contains the Intellectual Property associated with ITIL". This was puzzling. More than that, it was bloody annoying, as Lulu delete a disputed book without recourse, the big pussies.

It was especially annoying once I established just how trivial and vexatious the complaint really was. TSO are acting like a legal bully and the world should know it. Especially they should know it right now, as the Cabinet Office are negotiating the sale of ITIL's rights.

If this is Castle ITIL's idea of how to build a community, then ITIL's demise looks ever more certain. It is disheartening.

British Government Cabinet Office is selling ITIL and Prince2

Well its official, they are selling ITIL (and Prince2 and MSP and all the "Swirl" suite). Tweet this. The rumours had been coming thick and fast but now the Cabinet Office has let a tender. A restricted tender: chances are if you are reading this you can't bid.

The Evolution of Homo Informaticus, or Why VMWare are in the Tin Age

We've come a long way as an industry. Some of us more than others. VMWare for example. Their announcement that they replace ITIL is just another Crap Factoid that shows they are still in the Tin Age.

How ITIL gets Incident vs Problem wrong

In ITIL, we don't separate Incidents from Problems properly. This causes a muddy and confused definition of both. Join me as I try one more time to make this clear.

Why COBIT wins in a showdown with ITIL

ImageI like ITIL. I use it quite a bit. But it puzzles me why ITIL is the default source of bestgood, generally accepted practice for IT processespractices. Often people talk as if it is the only source.

My default source of IT good practice is COBIT. It wins over ITIL, hands down.

Just who are ITIL V3 certification and accreditation for?

APMG have released ITIL Master certification. The ITIL certification edifice grows higher and heavier. As with accreditation (prISM), I'm left wondering who they build these huge structures for.

Eating the ITIL elephant one leg at a time

It is ridiculously common for advice about ITSM to talk about which ITIL process to do first, or what order to do the processes in. Even the official books Planning to implement Service Management and ITIL Lite are built on the premise that an ITSM initiative is assembled from the ITIL processes. Wrong wrong wrong.

COBIT 5 will be released in April

ISACA have announced to members that COBIT 5 will be released in "mid-April".

The release includes three publications:

  • COBIT 5 (Framework)
  • COBIT 5: Enabling Processes
  • COBIT 5 Implementation

...and a "toolkit", an undefined "set of resources". I smell spreadsheets.

Cost to ISACA members for the pdf version? Nada. Free. Suck on that Cabinet Office/TSO/itSMF.

And ISACA is providing a separate download server for members so as not to have to compete for bandwidth with the great unwashed masses.

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