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Do we overcook services? ITIL out of line

It seems to me that the technoid's obsession with over-analysing and chasing perfection - what I call ETF: Excessive Technical Fastidiousness - is often applied to the definition of services.

OGC stay one step ahead of government policy in their commercialisation of ITIL. Better news for PRINCE2

Playing "bush lawyer", I have been tracking down the terms under which OGC control the copyright to ITIL (discussed here recently). And it makes an interesting little story: ITIL was almost free. And I think maybe PRINCE2 is.

ITIL intellectual property

OGC recently published a brochure describing their intellectual property rights over ITIL. Please do not rely on that document to guide your decisions on usage of ITIL.

ITIL V3 Master certification announced

APMG have annnounced the ITIL Master certification.

Create a variance register for ITIL and other frameworks

Perhaps I missed it but I've never seen this idea described before: all sites should have a register of variances from best/generally-accepted/good practice frameworks such as ITIL.

Courageous Ken

Nobody could ever accuse Ken Turbitt of being backward about coming forward. Ken, you may recall, is owner of SMCG and the author of OGC's secret ITIL process software compliance "standard". Yesterday Ken said "Axios, and Service-Now have not been brave enough" to seek certification, which set off a small storm of response.

If there is the slightest shred of governance left in Castle ITIL one would hope they'll be telling Ken to pull his head in, so we reproduce the quote in full here - and some of the responses - before it disappears.

Changing from ITIL will be like metrication

One of these days the world will replace ITIL, or more likely supersede ITIL, with something better. The IT world is evolving too fast for it not to happen. I’m not thinking here – as most folk do – of the advances in technology. ITIL can manage the Cloud, for example, just as readily as anything else. I’m talking about the advances in the maturity of the IT professions, of our better understanding or organization and process, of the growth of governance and assurance.

Open letter to ITIL Qualifications Board

Today we have a guest post from Peter Gerritsen who has written a letter to the ITIL Qualifications Board proposing some changes to the ITIL V3 qualifications scheme. I told him he has a snowflake's chance in Hell given what they went through to get the scheme to this point (I have plenty of experience of hammering on the doors of Castle ITIL). We are interested in your views:

Microsoft make an even broader patent claim on CMDB

The next time you feel even the faintest twinge of believing that Microsoft are on your side, ask them why they would be wanting to patent the concept of CMDB. To advance ITSM? To create a fair and open market? To increase healthy competition? Maybe Goooogle are exhibiting a few signs of evil but Microsoft hold the franchise.

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