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The IT Skeptic defends his anonymity

See this forum thread for a discussion (hopefully) of some criticism of the IT Skeptic, including over anonymity

Some things are more important than ITIL

If it seems the IT Skeptic has been a bit quiet in January this is why:

The IT Skeptic has banned Bloglines crawlers

If you use Bloglines and subscribe to or, sorry but it isn't going to work any more.

Wow! the IT Skeptic now available as podcasts!

In response to user demand, the IT Skeptic is podcasting a series of the articles from the blog, on ITIL.

Future series will cover CMDB and IT in general.

Who Is The IT Skeptic

The IT Skeptic is a commentator on IT's sillier moments, especially those related to ITSM in general and ITIL in particular. This is not because the IT Skeptic wishes to focus on ITIL - it is just that ITIL and itSMF provide such great material for a skeptic.

Quiet around here

The IT Skeptic has been quiet for a while. I've been programming. Dunno about you but when I'm cutting code it consumes me: nothing else gets done until I've got it working.

"It" is a family records site for my extended family, with working HTML-based family tree, done in PHP. Great fun.

This blog is not a guerilla marketing ploy

Ed said in a recent comment "On your overall views recently and especially today I keep wondering if you're not 'daring' someone to actually tell you how to achieve the coveted CMDB nirvana - maybe we'll hear you doing podcast interviews with the likes of nLayers or Heroix challenging them with your views on the citizen airwaves "

Our domain name is changing

The ITIL Skeptic becomes the IT Skeptic. The domain name is changing from to The new address works now: please update your links.

Life beyond ITIL

Sorry about the lack of heavy entries lately folks - a trifle busy right now. I'll get time to work on "living without CMDB" soon I promise.

The observant ones amongst you will note the banner at the top has changed from "the ITIL Skeptic" to "the IT Skeptic". I'll gradually change the name everywhere. This move was inspired by Web 2.0. I decided Web 2.0 involves too much silliness for the Skeptic to resist. I had already been itching to have a go at SOA and other targets but Web 2.0 was the last straw.

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