Common sense around ITIL V3 certification paths

In true camels/committees fashion, the ITIL V3 certification scheme is arcanely complex, as it twists itself into knots to please everyone. Then Pink Elephant come along and make it all seem simple.

Interesting idea for spreading the expertise - and the risk

In our mobile age it becomes very difficult for employers to build a base of expertise in the organisation. It leaks. You've no sooner paid for someone's ITIL Manager's (now Expert's) certificate and they are moving on. Pink Elephant has been talking about an interesting alternative approach: an expert team.

Every word in the thesaurus: how to distinguish between PinkVerify and ITIL compliance

[Update June 2009: This article has a poignant irony to it, now that OGC have unilaterally decreed that ITIL is, after all, a standard that one can certify compliance against]

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