Why ask the doctor when the other kids know the cure?

ImageOft-times, Yahoo Groups and LinkedIn group discussions sound like a bunch of kids or peasants discussing medicine. Yes I know I have said ITSM isn't brain surgery, but nor is it trepanning. People who know little are far too willing to offer advice, which is sometimes so bad it gives the ITIL Wizard an unlimited supply of material.

is ITSM the best perspective on everything IT?

There is more to IT than services. Service Management may be the topic du jour but ITSM can't consider itself the primary gateway into governance, development, acquisition, architecture, projects or HR, to name just a few other IT functions. It may have a perspective on them but not the main one. Or then again, maybe it is it a sufficient model for managing all of IT.

emerging trends and themes of IT Service Management

A funny thing happened on the way to the conference... Those interested in emerging trends and themes of ITSM should check out my posts over at the Pink Elephant Conference Blog, regarding why the conference name was changed from IT Service Management to IT Management, and what I think are the four strong emergent themes of IT Management for 2010/2011. Let's get some discussion going over them...

The missing entity in ITSM models, the Interruption

Long ago we used to follow the one true Codd, and data normalisation mattered. Now middleware, messaging, MapReduce and Twitter seem to have blown that idea away. Charles Betz may not agree but it seems to me data modelling is in retreat. Certainly it amazes me that a framework like ITIL can gain such ascendancy without even a token effort at a data model. (Personally i think that is just pandering to the vendors with existing products who would all end up with a non-complaint model). As a result I think some obvious entities are missed out, and one of those is the Interruption.

Where do the ITSM experts learn their trade?

Have you heard ServiceSphere's ITSM Weekly podcast? ("What happens when a CIO, a Service Desk Manager and an Industry Junkie Chat Weekly?!") If you haven't you should, not least so you can enjoy Chris's dangerous style. Along with Coté's equally unpredictable People over Process, it's my pick of the podcasts (I don't listen to many podcasts). Except when it is offending me.

What is the best ITIL V3 or ITSM tool?

We go round this question every week on LinkedIn. My answer is getting pretty well honed.

The Exhibit Hall Optimizer

It is not too late to sign up for Pink Elephant's 14th Annual ITSM Conference in Las Vegas next month. I'll see you there. If you come along, we'll be introducing an entirely new feature: an Exhibit Hall Optimizer. I have created the EHOBOK, the Exhibit Hall Optimizer Body Of Knowledge, as a tool for you to extract maximum value from the vendor exhibits, usually a dead zone for some of us at a conference. Check it out on the Conference blog and discover important principles such as

5 Tips For Developing An ITSM Strategic Road Map

Over on the Pink Elephant conference blog, I talked to Pink Elephant’s AVP Product Strategy, Troy DuMoulin, who blogs regularly and – I think – with lots of insight. We don’t always agree (see my recent post) but anyone who themes his blog around the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has got to be worth reading, and the content rewards the effort.

Constructive criticism or demonising ITIL?

A recent blog post by Aidan Lawes deserves response. Actually all Aidan's posts deserve response, unlike some blogs that deserve just to be ignored. I'm responding to this one in particular though because Aidan says "I have less time for those who demonise [ITIL] for shortcomings that are more to do with their view of what it should embrace" and I'm egotistical enough to think I'm one of "those" he has in mind with that comment.

ITSM Portal

There's a fresh new look over at ITSM Portal. I only really used the old Portal for news - Jan picks good stuff. I fed the Portal news RSS into my ITIL Pipe. Beyond news, it probably had much of the same great content as the new ITSM Portal but I never got led to it as the new format does. There's a goldmine of stuff here.

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