So you would like to be an itSMF International Global Member

Ever wondered how to get to be an tSMF International Global Member and what you get for your money? Me neither, but Chris asked so here is the answer...

All the details are here. You can join for twenty grand.

That's £20,000 which is quite a bit more in dollars these days :D For your money you get

Chapter Subscriptions (newsletters, magazines, etc., in electronic format)
Member Discounts for Publications (Books, CDs, etc.)
Member Discount for Chapter Events (if offered)
Access to “Members Only” area of Chapter web site (if offered, may require registration)
A minimum of one “vote” in all Chapter elections
Note that not all Chapters currently provide all of the above services. Additional rights and benefits may vary from Chapter to Chapter.

...that's because a number of chapters spat the dummy at International selling a membership that the local chapters had to service without getting a cut of the action.

All of these are benefits offered to a local member anyway, so really all you are doing is getting a bulk discount on membership and pissing off the local chapters.

But wait! there's more!

There are also unique benefits provided by itSMF International to Global Members and their employees, which include:
Special recognition of Global Membership on the itSMF International Website ( including the Global Member’s corporate logo and a link to their website (listed by global membership date).
Authorized usage of special “itSMF Global Membership” logo, provided by itSMF International
The opportunity to register at itSMF International Global Membership website resulting in the following additional benefits:
1. opportunity to contribute to best practice development
2. participation in regional discussion groups with peers
3. reduced delegate fee for International seminars and conferences
4. PDF copy of informative industry magazine, “ServiceTalk” (courtesy of itSMF UK)
5. Access to market research undertaken into latest issues on Service Management.
6. Personalized itSMF International Global Membership Certificate, provided via PDF file and suitable for printing.
7. Access to the itSMF Global Membership forum providing first-hand International news and updates.
8. Other unique benefits as they become available

Talk about steak knives. "International seminars and conferences"? WHAT International seminars and conferences? What market research? A pdf of a certificate - print it yourself? Oh dear.


TSO will provide a license for up to 100 simultaneous user access via online subscription for saving of 30% which is exclusively available only to itSMF Global Members!

I wonder if TSO are still undercutting their good friends at itSMF with a 40% discount to corporates too.

Dunno how much value there is in Global Membership - the membership has sunk from 8 to 4 over the years. But go ahead - anyone can buy.

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