See you in Melbourne

If you have always wanted to meet - or abuse - the IT Skeptic, now is your chance if you live in the better part of the planet. I'll be presenting at LEADit, the Australian itSMF National Conference, a thorn amongst the roses, a firefly amongst the stars. Having lived in Melbourne longer than any other city on earth, I can assure you that it is a fantastic place which everybody should experience. If I wasn't a Kiwi at heart, I'd be there still.


Rob, I'm hoping to be there


I'm hoping to be there and help you move away from that awful NZ beer that you send over here. (yes, tongue firmly in cheek).

Not sure that the photo in the conference update from itsmfa does you any favours. A little bit serial killer for mine.

a refreshing change


I thought it makes a refreshing change from the usual smiling studio shots. it certainly better reflects my personality :)

THIS is serial-killer:



I'd take on the guy on top for the ladies' affections.

That second guy -- I'd go fishing elsewhere.

(Not that I'm in the market.)

Charles T. Betz

Skep @ itSMFA

The IT Skeptic was in fine form at the itSMFA conference in Melbourne this week, running a Real ITSM workshop, a keynote and a panel discussion.

Cut through much of the theoretical and vendor BS with some practical and heartfelt advice/discussion.

Probably among a minority of speakers who were not selling something or patting themselves on the back (or doing both).

Plus he made me laugh.

Well done Rob.

will see you there

Signed, sealed & delivered. Will see you there.

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