Refreshes all round and no time to apply

ITIL V3, PRINCE2:2009 (The-Framework-Previously-Known-As-Prince2), ITIL V3 New Edition... and now M-o-R:2010 and MSP:2010. Yes, OGC are calling for authors for Management of Risk 2010 edition and Managing Successful Programmes 2010 edition. Go on! How hard can it be? But you better hurry...

In true Castle OGC fashion you get a whole three days to apply! Or rather TSO fashion, because they appear to be managing it. WHat is wrong with these guys? Either they have no idea or they are making damn sure the preferred authors get the job. THREE DAYS! Posted October 6th, response due October 9th!!!


A week to decide how to spend a year of your life

Well that's alright then: OGC, or rather their agent TSO, has extended the deadline to apply as an author of the 2010 rewrite of M_o_R or MSP by a WHOLE WEEK! That means that if the public call was the first you heard of it, i.e. if you aren't in the inner circle of Castle OGC where you heard about it months ago, then you have had a full eight or ten days to decide whether you are going to commit yourself to six months of book writing and editing, followed by roadshows and vilification then endless conferences. You might even have an employer who wants a say in that decision, so you would need an extra day for them to decide too right? then there is the spouse and family agreeing to the commitment, so there's one more day. You might even want to ask OGC a question about the project, so they'd take maybe a day to respond.

Sheesh you can't possibly need more than four days max to get your act together surely? What's wrong with you peasants ... er... I mean people?

I'll bet the reasoning in Castle OGC goes like this:
We've got Fred lined up to do it. Nobody else will be interested but to appear transparent we better advertise - give it a week.
The peasants are moaning? OK make it two. What's the big deal? nobody will apply anyway.
See we waited two weeks and still nobody applied. Told you!

Forgetten hero's

I guess they simply had the idea that everybody had forgotten about their existence so...they're making a lot of noise to get in the picture!

They should have read the IT Skeptic to find out at least we have not forgotten them ;-)

OGC JOB: ITSM Portfolio Manager

Anyone who is quick (Closing date 12 October - 6 days notice) might be able to influence the refresh of ITIL at least.

Perhap nobody has applied and so at the last minute they are emailing all contacts on the ITIL V3 Refresh List? But very strange for a public sector vacancy where proper notification has to be made if it is not an internal vacancy - certainly it is an external vacancy it says so near the bottom. Maybe it was advertised in the Telegraph or Guardian but applicants have been few or of the wrong calibre. Or taking a skeptical view, they've found an internal candidate but are still going through the motions. Very strange!

NB: The Role Profile is from the United Kingdom Debt Management Office - good to know that ITIL V3v2 will fix our national debt, isn't it?

a bit bloody late now

My reaction to that job vacancy was to think it is a bit bloody late now for OGC to be putting someone fulltime on ITIL. Talk about locking stable doors!

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