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Service Management for Chartered Accountants

4.41 MB

Recorded for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and published in Chartered Accountants Business in Focus monthly audio magazine for April 2012.

The IT Skeptic presents on Owning ITIL

40:52 minutes (8 MB)

Here is a presentation given to the New Zealand Computer Society on 25th June 2009, on the topic of "Owning ITIL". it covers why ITIL is pretty much always a project, what to watch out for in ITIL projects (ITIL the Cult, ITIl the fad, CMDB can't be done...), what to expect from ITIL.

CMDB a skeptical view

15:59 minutes (6.41 MB)

This is a podcast summarising all the IT Skeptic's arguments about and against the concept of CMDB. You can find out more about this on the IT Skeptic website's CMDB thread, or in the IT Skeptic's new book The IT Skeptic Looks at CMDB

Review ITILV3 Service Strategy - The IT Skeptic

10:18 minutes (4.14 MB)

A podcast of the original article [updated: fixed the sound quality]

The first of the five books in the ITIL Version 3 core suite, Service Strategy is ITIL’s bid for credibility outside the back-room. Well actually, much of Version 3 is a cry for acceptance at higher levels in the organisation (or a power grab for more of the business depending on your perspective). But Service Strategy leads the charge, making an effective case for delivery of IT as a service, and for a strategic, analytical and theoretical approach to such delivery.

Not Review Cult of the Amateur - The IT Skeptic

7:19 minutes (2.94 MB)

A podcast of the original post. [Updated: fixed the sound quality].

ITIL V3 Live is still coming - The IT Skeptic

5:31 minutes (2.22 MB)

A podcast of the orginal post ITIL V3 Live is ... still coming, and VERY expensive

I see the long-awaited "ITIL portal" is showing off. It will go live on 10th November.

ITIL snake oil - The IT Skeptic

7:55 minutes (3.18 MB)

A podcast of the original article

Once upon a time IT Service Management was a movement dedicated to improving the levels of service delivered by IT. And ITIL was a body of knowledge put together by the government as a public service and released into the public domain. The books weren't free simply because costs had to be covered.

Now it is turning into just another snake oil peddled by shiny suits.

Project Mgmt in ITIL V3 - The IT Skeptic

10:48 minutes (4.34 MB)

A podcast of the original article Why is Project Management almost invisible in ITIL V3?

PM is the engine that moves much stuff (hopefully just about everything) from Development to Production, which is pretty important now that ITIL has muscled into Application Management. PM should interlock with Change Management and Testing. PM should provide most of the Early Life Support. Release and Deployment shouldn't move without PM: if it is big enough to be a release it should be a project. And so on.

What do all the sites without a CMDB do? - The IT Skeptic

10:27 minutes (4.2 MB)

A podcast of the orginal post What do all the sites without a CMDB do?

There are some fundamental fallacies behind the arguments for CMDB and a recent article encapsulated a number of them. Why do we keep getting told a CMDB is essential when almost nobody has one?

ITIL experts are elsewhere - The IT Skeptic

5:20 minutes (2.15 MB)

A podcast of the origninal post Give up on ITIL V3 training and certification - it is not going to change
Yet another unhappy camper prompted me to hammer on the cold stone walls of Castle ITIL once again, right over the blood-stains of last time I tried. But I won't. I give up. ITIL training and certification isn't going to change. It has been taken over by the money engine and is lost. The real experts are elsewhere.

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