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Petition the UK Government to Publish ITIL Version 3 Under the Open Government Licence


This is a petition to the UK Government asking them to publish ITIL under a new open content licence that the UK Government wants all UK departments to use. We're calling it the "Free ITIL® Movement". For more information see

To send an email to the UK Government adding your support to the idea, please fill in and submit the form below. You don't need to be a member of this website or anything else in order to add your name to the petition. Pass this URL to your friends and ask them to sign up too.

At intervals, we will publish the name, city and country of everyone who responds (NOT street address, email etc) at


Great initiative

Great initiative.
I'll put your petition on The Archilogy Institute site.

Do you have standard text ?

There is a need to explain what is OGL in the same way Creative Commons are explained.
Best regards

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