Obtaining the ITIL V3 Foundation syllabus

[Updated now a reader found the syllabus for your simple-minded Skeptic - thanks James]

Since ITIL V3 Foundation certification can legitimately be sat without taking a prior approved training course, you will want to get the ITIL V3 Foundation syllabus before sitting the exam.

Note that all other certifications require you to have sat an approved ITIL V3 training course - you cannot self-study - so the syllabus is of less interest.

You can also get the ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge syllabus for those sitting that exam, but it does require an approved training course as a prerequisite. Don't be fooled by the rules which are badly worded and misleading. If you look only at the table you will see the only prerequisite for Foundation Bridge is "Foundation Certificate from earlier ITIL versions", BUT read Entry Criteria and you will learn that "There is mandatory accredited course attendance for this examination." Since other courses in the same document include the prerequisite "Successful completion of an Accredited Course for the module from an ITIL ATO" this is an obvious error in the document.


Here perhaps?


James Finister
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ITIL V3 foundation certification latest syallabus

I need the current syallabus for ITIL v3 foundation certification examination.

If possible mail me important dumps, sample and earlier question papers of this certifiaction.

So kindly do the needfull.


Anil Mulge

ITIL 2011 Foundation Syllabus

The ITIL 2011 Foundation Syllabus is here, as is a sample exam. It is good to see the Cabinet Office carrying on fine OGC traditions: there is nothing I can find on this syllabus document or its linking webpage to suggest the syllabus applies to ITIL 2011, but the page references seem to imply it does.

Sample question papers for the previous ITIL V3 can be found here.

"Dumps" is another word for cheating. Pass the exam honourably.

Get the right syllabus and latest sample exams

If you are going to self study please get the latest syllabus - effective May 1 2009, and sample exams 'a' and 'b' designed to go with this revised emphasis of the May syllabus....

And note - the exam remains challenging, less because of poor language and more because the occasional question that digs deep into the content - and requires recall of a sentence embedded in a remote paragraph.

Constant Change

I have to make a note for everyone to check this at least every 3 to 6 months. The Syllabus has been undergoing frequent changes. So always ask your ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) what syllabus version they are currently working on.

Resistance is there to make us stronger

Other languages take longer

Please also note that exams in other languages than English take longer to be released. The las news I heard that or instance French exams (for the new syllabus) would not be available before mid july

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