Foundation is the ONLY V3 exam that is going to be on Prometric

The IT Skeptic has confirmed pretty reliably that ITIL V3 Intermediate and Expert exams will NOT be available online without an associated training course. [updated: no it isn't. things changed between the start and end of August. Online training is back on!]

The word reaching Two Hills World HQ is that the Foundation exam is the ONLY V3 exam that is going to make it on to Prometric, i.e. the only one that can be sat without attending a formal training course with the certification embedded.

This means that no matter how good you are at self study, no matter how impoverished, no matter if you live in a remote location, you must go through the ITIL training money engine and pay your chunky training fees in order to gain access to the certification exam.

This might have something to do with the fact that some trainers are upset to find they have paid thousands for ATO accreditation so that they can offer online training courses only to find non-accredited training providers giving them stiff competition.

Shutting down the Prometric access to exams is another way of forcing all revenue through the accreditation industry. This is APMG once again acting in the interests of the training industry first and the ITIL end users second.

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