im so xcited by the iPhone

The IT Skeptic’s little brother is so excited by the iPhone he wrote an article about it.

im so xcited by the iPhone really they are just everywhere! the other day my friend's uncle saw somebody with one.

aparently it’s a whole new paradime of user interface. ive always wanted a new paradime. every time i zoom something on my computer i think how much easier and more fun it would be to do it on a small screen with thumb and finger. im sure it will be accurate and easy to control too, and i like zoom all the time. really

and that way cool way it knows which way up it is. hey! what happens if im lying on my side using it? cant wait to find that one out!

im gunna get rid of my crappy pocketpc (HTC Alpine, iMate PDA2) that i bougt on ebay for next to nothing. its years old, still going strong, theire pretty hard to brake but so uncool specially next to the sleke iPhone. i bought it, the pocketpc that is, so i could do writing and spredsheets and email and stuff but its just a bit too small for editting papers even with the excelent handwriting recognision on windowsCE.

i kno the iPhone doesn’t have recognision but im sure the on-screen keybord will be just excelent, kind of like texting with thumbs only cooler you know?

and they’ve made all the iPhone controls nice and big and fat so you can use your finger to touch them. no more using a stilus with all those fiddly little lists on the pocketpc. fingers are much better. pocketpc sure could get a lot of stuff on one screen tho… im sure the cool scroling on the iPhone will make up for that!

i never did use the windowsCE diary so much either: its handy for knoing where i have to be next becos i get so confused so easily, like really! but for working out what day next week to go like blinkdating its too hard to see. u have to remember what all the little colored marks on the days mean and if I could remember that i woodnt need the calender silly! so i wait until i get back to my pc where i can see the diary on the big screen then i use my pocketpc to call people back to make apointments, if i remember to call them that is which is where the pocketpc is kinda cool cos i can make a recording to myself or write a note or set a reminder in the calender.

achually i text more than i call, cos the pocketpc handwriting recognision is so good for short messages – like so totally easier than thumb typing you know? im gonna miss that but at least i can use the same Bluetooth earpiece with my new iPhone

i hope the iPhone takes as good a photo as my pocketpcs 1.3 megapixel camera – i bet it has way more than that. sure the pics r no good for printing real big but they r great for emailing – i used to use the pocketpc for emailing pics – and video, the pocketpc does video - but it used something called “3G” and it got so expensive you know? now i just use it as an ordinery phone and save heaps!

i bet the iPhone will use something cheaper to send pictures cos everyone does it in the ads, and anyway i bet iPhone does it in some way that is just way cooler than the way the pocketpc does it, for sure. and i bet it organises pictures better than windowsCE too.

i have all these pictures on a 2Gig memory card my brother gave me cos he got it for free at some seminare, (man ive never even come close to filling that thing up) but i keep forgetting how to find the pics. my brother gets real rude about me forgeting stuff like that: he says if i set up one of the buttons on the front of the pocketpc to be the photo album i could get there in one click, and play my music tracks from the same place. but i dont need to work out how any more becos im sure the iPhone will be way cooler and smarter and everything.

becos everyone says the iPhone will change the way everyone does everything ive been trying to pursuede my brother to get one but he says his Palm still does everything he needs. i said he should use an iPhone to do his office work on but he just gave me one of those looks and asked if i’d ever seen a spredsheet on a screen that small.

i said the iPhone screen is really big. he thinks it is the same 3.5 inch as the pocketpc but anyway it looked bigger on youtube so i bet hes wrong as usual

anyway at least ill be able to use the iPhone to brows the internet and watch movies and stuff, so long as it doesnt use that 3G thing for those too because once ive saved up for the iPhone there wont be much money left for phone bills. and so long as its 3.5 inch screen is bigger than my 3.5 inch screen like im sure it is, because websites all look so crappy on mine.

not as bad as that WAP phone my dad had but crappy for sure. ooh i just cant wait, u know? tecnological progress is so exciting! u can just feel the world shifting and changing. things will never be the same, well except my pocketpc of corse which was kinda the same but in a dufus way. no way im gunna be seen with that thing anymore. i think ill sell it on ebay. i wont get much for it but at least it still works good.



I look forward to your little brother's post on the iTil and how the CEOs of all the other kids on the block have got one for them, and its like so unfair that he hasn't got one, and everyone is laughing at him cos he doesn't have iSo20000 either.

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