ITIL V3: where's the portal?

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Long ago in a time far away, OGC promised an ITIL Live™ Portal to augment the impending new ITIL V3. "It's coming..."

We heard about it in the Chief Architect's presentations about the future ITIL V3.

Way back in an "ITIL Refresh" newsletter we heard about

Proposed ITIL Portal
In the coming months TSO proposes to offer a new unique and dynamic web resource ideal for organisations seeking to learn about, adopt and access ITIL V3... The portal will not only deliver you instant access to the core publications, but also work as an international information centre offering support, guidance and implementation tools at different levels. We plan to offer ITIL thought leadership via horizon-scanning white papers, case studies of adoption, a mentoring and personal development section - all aimed at supporting you.
This portal is aimed at meeting the community’s needs

It is fair to say that since "spring 2007", the "coming months" have come and gone.

The ITIL Live™ Portal gets a mention in The Official Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle (p159 and again on p163) as something that exists. That book was late enough that they must have figured it would be live by the time the book came out ... but no.

Go to and learn two things:

  1. the ITIL Live™ Portal will be provided by TSO
  2. "It's coming..."

So is Christmas. At least one Christmas has been and gone since it was announced.

In the mean time we have APMG's "official site" and OGC/TSO's "best practice site" which is going to get confusing if the ITIL Live™ Portal ever emerges. It will be YAFP by then (Yet Another Portal).

Not to mention the hundreds of unauthorised sites like this one you are reading which have sprung up with minimal effort.

The whole point of selling TSO off and of outsourcing publishing was to create a high-energy private-enterprise dynamic.

I'm not seeing it.



As a member of PMI and ISACA, all I can say is ITIL (APMG, itSMF, et al) has a long way to go. I was hoping we'd see some self-assessment tools, perhaps leveraging V3 and ISO 15504 but that may be a Quixoti-like dream. Where's the VALUE?

The irony! Looks like this fork ( ) has led us to a dead end. At least for now.

John M. Worthington
MyServiceMonitor, LLC

Hi, I asked about the self


I asked about the self assessment for V3 and was told that it won't be this year and it may be sometime next year. The focus at the moment is on getting the books out. I guess I should just develop my own V3 assessement.

It's a mirage..........

The ITIL live portal is like a mirage in the desert, it is real only in the sense that we all believe it is somewhere in the distance.

Yet it is never to be found until some clever consultant comes along a builds their own version..............



In a certain sense, just having the idea is enough. It exists in my mind! After all, its description does sound pretty compelling. In this way, it's like a movie set -- provides the appearance of being real (well, sort of) without having to be real.

Still, for those of us who'd prefer the "real thing", I guess that we'll just queue up at those sites that actually work and try to get on with it there (or here, as the case may be).

Hmmmmm... while we're talking about getting on with it, now that I think about it, perhaps this actually now qualifies as a "Known Error" suitable for an entry in BOKKED! :-D


Hi, I think that it is a


I think that it is a shame that the portal is not up and running yet. Not that I have much hope for it to contain what it promises (we shall see once it is up and running). We have had issues with exams, book content, etc (all documented here) this is just yet another example of how not to do things. To me this does not represent a professional body. I hope this changes in the future.

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