Are you being paid to read this blog?

I'm on my own time, no-one is paying for this
34% (96 votes)
I'm on my own time but I work for myself or my business, so I guess I'm paying for this
11% (32 votes)
I'm on an annual income with no fixed hours, so I guess this is on the boss's time though I'm not officially working right now
8% (22 votes)
I'm on a salary or wage and I'm reading this in work time, getting paid yay!
39% (112 votes)
I'm a consultant and I'm getting paid right now for my highly valuable contribution to my client
7% (21 votes)
I've found another way to get paid for reading blogs
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 286


I'm paid to read this blog,

I'm paid to read this blog, but not to answer surveys on it. :-)

Sometimes in payed time, sometimes in free time

I do this mixed mode - it contributes to my job, so I can read it in payed time. But since I am not payed for my time, but for my results it does not matter much ;-)

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