ITIL V2-V3 Managers Bridge

Dear Wiz, I am just starting to dive into the V3 material in preparation for the exam and I am getting a bit frustrated, the new core volumes are not clear in what the goal and objectives are...I mean I know what they are, but they don't actually document them specifically like they did in V2, so pending what material I am reading it can vary slightly. I can piece it together with commonsense , but the concern is the exams are generally very precise in how they want you to answer, as in V2 you had to know the goals, objectives I alone in this confusion?

Dear Curious,

I don't know what you mean. ITIL V3 is precisely consistent between and within books. And after the Refresh Refresh, otherwise known as ITIL 3.1 (sorry I'm not sure of the official name TSO are giving it this month), I'm sure the books will be even more precisely consistent.

As to the exam, you are quite right that it is impossible to examine general grasp of ITSM concepts or depth of experience. Or at any rate it is impossible in a multi-choice exam. (As an aside, the criticism of the use of multi-choice exams is of course silly. If they didn't use multi-choice they'd have to employ examiners who knew more about ITSM than the candidates, which would destroy the profitability of the training industry. Concerns about the "integrity" or "value" of the certifications are all well and good but the providers have to make a living).

So the exam tests for your ability to choose one of four obscure and subtly different sets of words, based on clues derived from a few paragraphs of descriptive text of a hypothetical scenario. I believe the scenarios have something to do with ITSM but that is irrelevant really. Instead of trying to understand the books, I think your time would be better spent studying the IT Skeptic's techniques for answering multi-choice questions.

Good luck!
The ITIL WIzard


Do mock exams

Dear Curious
I want to add one more piece of advice to the excellent guidance of The Wizard.

The trick is to get hands on those mock exams which actually contain real exam questions. Some training companies (who have access to real questions) use them in the training classes.

Remember that the Certificate has nothing to do with IT service management, it is about your career and salary so just concentrate on learning those answers. But hurry, the 3.1 versions will change questions and right answers and that may be confusing.

The ITIL Troll

Managers Bridge V2 - V3

For those wishing to become a V3 Expert, the Managers Bridge from V2 to V3 is the simplest and by far the cheapest method of gaining accreditation. Agree with the Wizard the refresh may well overcomplicate things...By the way what happens to those folk who have bought the newish ITIL books, will they get free inserts associated with the refresh?...!!

Bridging the gap

Andy is right. If you are a V2 Manager this is indeed the quickest and cheapest route to becomming a V3 Expert. However be warned you've only THREE months to pass the Manager's Bridge Exam as it is being withdrawn on 30th June 2011.

After this to get V3 ITIL Expert certification you have to take the longer route of the collection of V3 intermediate exams, the Managing across the lifecylce exam etc. Hurry now if you want to take advantage of this route! Except I saw on a LinkedIn thread a rumour (unconfirmed) that a new route to V3 Expert will appear once the Manager's Bridge route is closed.

I'm adding a link to a book that candidates might find useful as it is written specifically for them - The Managers Bridge Certificate in IT Service Management by Colin Rudd

Though note you will have had to undertake accredited training as well to take the Manager's Bridge exam.

Skep can add a link to the book on and get his cut.

Matthew Flynn
Book Publisher, BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

V2 and V3

For those who want to do "the last chance to re pass your ITIL V2 Service Manager" in French, please be advised that I'll organise a last chance option followed by a V2V3 manager bridge in French (English courseware) in the next two months.

With regards to inconsistency to ITIL V3 publications, I think it's just great:
- it shows that people in Castle ITIL are human
- it gives consultants world wide a great job to explain the meaning of "the Good Books".
- it gives life to forums like the ITI Skeptic

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