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Change is about people. Without people, change doesn't happen. Without their assent, buy-in, cooperation, enthusiasm and effort, change doesn't happen. it seems this can't be said too often. The latest survey from McKinsey Quarterly Creating organizational transformations (McKinseys being an analyst firm whose crap factoids are less crap than most) says it all:

Change is difficult: only a third of the executives surveyed recently by McKinsey said that their organizations had succeeded in achieving changes they had set out to make.
The survey results highlight several important tactics used by organizations that were successful, including setting clear aspirations, engaging the whole company, holding people accountable, and communicating the need for change in a positive way, building on success rather than merely fixing problems.

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Short and interesting survey, BTW, worth a read.


Change and People

Although the post is so common sense, we are all guilty of initiating and not getting buy-in for change. Thanks for the reminder.

As a side note, McKinsey now

As a side note, McKinsey now offers ITIL consulting services.

What change

You talking organization change or IT Service change.. Its a given the two merge at the higher end of IT Services change, but there is a heap of change in IT service management which is benefited by just the policy and technology parts of the 3P's. Managing transactional change can be a huge benefit to service quality, cost and focus..


Brad Vaughan

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