CMDB for free

You can have CMDB for free.

Let's start a thread of open source CMDB offerings (nothing is really "free", right?). Contributions please!...
[Update: This directory is now maintained as part of Ops4Less This page will no longer be updated]

Lots of good ideas and integration at! especially their ECDB build


OCS Inventory

GLPI and OCS as a 'virtual appliance' stack on OpenSuSE - WOW! [Update: broken link]

More? leave a comment!


CMDB vs Asset Management

Skeptic making the confusion between a CMDB and an Asset Management solution ? How disappointing.

Agree - Dependency Mgt is key

Alas, I must agree. Even v3's Service Asset & Configuration Management goes well beyond traditional asset management. I saw nothing in these links of much interest.

I tend to go back to an article Mr. Betz wrote on Dependency Management: A Fundamental Challenge of IT Governance....while we may not agree on the best solution, there should be no debate on the problem. Tracking critical dependencies in today's n-tier, virtual-ized, multi-sourced service infrastructures is not a trivial task.

Open source or not, the 'CMDB' will never be free.

John M. Worthington
MyServiceMonitor, LLC

Delayed April Fool's joke

I think the skep was posting a delayed April Fools joke?

tongue firmly in cheek

I'm slow but not that slow :-D But I did have tongue firmly in cheek. If it is easy it should also be free.

Love the Charles Betz quote - I remember it.

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