How Software Vendors Lie About ITIL Support


Measuring vendors

Great article, skep. It was time it was laid bare. I measure a vendor's commitment as follows:
* I search the vendor's web site for ITIL and if the term is limited in use to press releases then it's suspect.
* If there is a complementary "ITIL white paper" on the site, written by a third party mercenary then it becomes real suspicious.
* If the taxonomy of the product set is inconsistent with ITIL and the terms are used loosely then it is a slam dunk.

I think the real measure of a vendor's commitment is participate and engaging the community in which they operate in service management knowledge transfer. In most cases the angle is as you have stated, the marketing angle and not the service and support angle.

ITIL Vendors

Agreed too many companies try to ride the ITIL buzz hype. Best support I found for ITIL implementations is at a company called Interfacing Technologies [link removed]), they have built out the entire list of ITIL volumes into a comprehensive process hiearchy (including roles, documents, interactions between processes at multiple levels, etc.). I recommend it for anyone who is struggling with a costly & lenghty ITIL initiative.

Sales Manager

That would be the Interfacing Technologies of which one Scott Armstrong is Sales Manager, then?

A litle unsubtle, perhaps.

Darwin Awards

I think the Skep should have a Darwin Awards for id10t posts, like the one from Interfacing Technologies. I'll be happy to nominate myself in the non-vendor category!


The Darwin Awards are for those people who "do a service to humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool". May I suggest the Horse's A$$ Awards.

prospect pool

May i suggest that perhaps "Darwin" fits as Scott has just effectively removed his product from this prospect pool? Editing the comment now.... No wait! chnaged my mind. I'm about to go have breakfast and send son off to school. Scott since you have violated the terms of the site, i have no qualms in suggesting the assembled expertise here makes their own analysis of Interface Technologies' compliance with ITIL V3. I'll contribute too after I'm fed :-D

I reviewed it myself

Sorry folks - Couldn't wait. I reviewed it myself. Please fell free to contribute to that review. And remember it is the product we are reviewing...

An excellent idea

I think leaving the post up (with Scott's role identified) is a more fitting approach than taking it down IF (and I think it is a valid if) we can be sure that it actually was posted by Scott.

pretty confident

I'm pretty confident it was from Interfacing Technologies, based on the information available to me

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