No new concepts in the ITIL V3 2nd Edition - the ITIL RefreshRefresh?

"New concepts are not to be added" says OGC's "Mandate for Change", the Project Requirements for the ITIL V3 Refresh refresh

So does that mean they will or won't be actioning the following change requests in their Change Log?

73 Proactive Problem Management
537 Error control

If a term is mentioned but never defined, would defining it constitute a "new" concept? such as...

37 Recovery Time Objective or Recovery Point Objective
118 Dependency model
127 Service Design process
149 Service Model
196 Kano model and Kanban system
209 Service Management Plan
210 service bundle
339 urgent change process
497 Customer Portfolio and Contract Portfolio
537 Known Error sub-process
867 Service transition pack

One concept I bet they will be deleting is Integrated Service Model (issue 53) as they never delivered on it.

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