My kind of CMDB

As Don Tennant pointed out, ITSM is not the most exciting subject. Some days I'm just over it. On those days, this is my kind of CMDB: the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

The Concours Mondial is an international, professional competition whose aim is to reward the best wines and spirits produced worldwide. Since 2006, the Concours Mondial decided to reinforce its International character by going beyond its borders. After a first and successful experience in Portugal, the organisers decided to continue with this idea and in 2007 took the event to Maastricht, one of the foundation blocks of the construction of Europe. In 2008, the Concours will take place at the heart of some of the most famous of the world’s vineyards, in Bordeaux.

We're in the wrong trade. Mind you, it does sound a bit like a few professional bodies closer to ITSM actually.

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