itSMF USA Board Election

Voting is underway for the itSMF USA Board from now to the end of this month. If you are an itSMF USA member you should have received the email that lists the candidates and voting instructions. For the rest of us, here are the details:

There are three seats open for the new term starting in December 2008.

The nominations committee has recommended the following three candidates for election to the board:

Bill Bennett (Microsoft)
Dennis Ravenelle (Harvard University)
Rob Stroud (CA)

Other candidates are:

Kamal Dave (HP)
Hamid Nouri (Nouri Associates)
Anthony Orr (BMC)
Jack Probst (Pink Elephant)
Matt Scott (Douglass Omaha Technology Corporation)

The IT Skeptic's only comment is that it would be in the best interests of members to keep a balance of vendors and practitioners (as there is now), and not to allow any one vendor to dominate. The existing Board is here. Obviously Rob and Dennis are two of the seats up for grabs and there is a vacancy.



Just a clarification for your readers so they can get a better picture of the current state of affairs in the US.

The three seats up for grabs represent the three members whose terms are expiring:

Rob Stroud
Dennis Ravenelle (who was appointed to take Phyllis Drucker's spot when she became Operations Director)
David Cannon (who will fill the Past President spot)

A fourth spot is also open, due to my resignation from the Board at the September Director's meeting in San Francisco. My workload and other professional and personal challenges prevented me from continuing on the Board at this time.

Since I resigned prior to the end of my second year, the by-laws state a person can be appointed to finish out this year, but then the open seat must be filled by an elected director for the last year of my term. (This was how Rob orginally got on the Board).

Hope this helps!


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