itSMF International Seeking Publications Partner

itSMF has gone to RFP for a publisher for itSMF's own publications. The relationship with Van Haren has ended (Along with finally prying the brand from itSMFUK's grasp, dissociating from VHP is another of the old itSMF roots falling away. Watch with interest for VHP's next moves - they are likely to be canny ones). I doubt itSMFI are rushing into TSO's arms. What are the odds that they can find a publisher that won't compete on price, publish competing content of their own, collect their own copyrights for ITIL-related content, or commercialise public services? Someone who will - you know - just publish.


itSMF Brand

You make an interesting statement here about itSMFI prying the itSMF brand from the UK's grasp. Is there any more information on this? And where can I find it? Is the brand now going to be open to abuse and left unprotected because of this? Let's face it, itSMFI's past record of delivery has not been good at the best of times! What are itSMFI's plans for the future on this?

itSMFI acquires itSMF trademark

Sorry should have linked. See here. I know nuzzink! (...that I can share). Let's just say the centre of mass of itSMF seems to me to be slowly drifting westwards.

a legacy for the new Board

One hopes the final decision of appointing a new publisher will be left to the new Board to make. It is hardly best practice for an outgoing Board to make a decision of this magnitude.

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