has there been any change to the ITIL V3 books?

[updated 11th Sept 09] ITIL V3 was supposed to be the last word in ITIL with continual improvement of the books instead of rewrites. I worked out that it is cheaper to buy new books every couple of years than to subscribe online. OK so it's time. Do I need to buy new books or not? And how would I even know?

The publication dates shown on TSO's site still show 30 May 2007.

We know for a fact that TSO did an unannounced update in early 2008 (much to the consternation of those who do understand change and release management).

Supposedly there is a Change Board that met in January this year "focuse[d] on the core guidance of ITIL" to look at the OGC change control system. It has been a year and a half since the last update and seven months since the CAB (did they meet? What did they decide?). So have there been any further updates to the core books and how would we know?

[Update: published about exactly the same time as my post: Project requirements for an update to the ITIL® core publications - I blogged on it here. So that answers one question: what's going on with all the changes reviewed in January? It doesn't answer the other question: how many sneaky TSO updates have there been? We know of at least one.

Guess I'll wait to update my books and thereby extract even more ROI on having bought the paper version]


The vendors will not be pleased :-(

This OGC Mandate illustrates once again that the project delivering the latest version of ITIL (V3) failed at many points. The ITIL market will not be pleased. After investing heavily in adjusting their products, they’ll have to do it all over again. In the mean time customers are disappearing and the ITIL market is falling apart.

I'm pleased

Great news. I have been trying to overcome my resistance and write a V3 Foundation course. Just hours before I heard about this new version, I had decided to scrap the project. I was just unable to base a course on such bs. as V3 is.


But when?

Can anyone spot anything about timeframes? I'd also love to know who's involved.

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