Great insights into process

Today I'd like to share with you a quote from someone I consider the greatest business thinker since Drucker, greater even than the authors of Service Strategy. I am of course referring to Scott Adams.

The quote doesn't come from The Dilbert Principle though that is some of Adam's best work. When my brain hurts, I like to relax by rereading old Dilbert collections, of which I have a few. My brain hurts from finishing Owning ITIL so I found this last night. The scene: a staff meeting.:

Wally: It is my pleasure to present the weekly "Wally Status Report". This week I developed what I call "Process Pride". It all started when I realised I have no impact on earnings. Obviously I can't take pride in the results of my work.

Dilbert: Obviously.

Wally: But I need pride. Otherwise how could I maintain my high level of morale? So I learned to take pride in my processes instead of my results. Everything I do is still pointless, but I am very proud of the way i do it.

While we're on it:

Asok the intern (on the phone): Hi Mom! Guess what. I'm the Process Owner for our Benchmarking Initiative!
Asok the intern (to Wally): She's crying with joy...
Wally: I used to think that too.

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