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Readers of this website can be assumed to have a certain non-conformist spirit and at least a modicum of independent thought, so "Rogues Gallery" is an appropriate name for images of readers. Send us your photo wearing an IT Skeptic T-shirt or cap, or waving an IT Skeptic coffee mug Wally-fashion, and you can join the Rogues Gallery of IT Skeptics.

red pineapplered pineapple


Mike WalterMike Walter (and friend)


Aale Roos: The tall one is Rogues de Agando (1251 m) on the island of La Gomera. Aale Roos: "The tall one is Rogues de Agando (1251 m) on the island of La Gomera. Mr. Agando represents true skeptism, he is the solid core of an ancient volcano after all the bullshit (V3 etc.) has worn off."

Mark Smalley: no IT Skeptic merchandise in sight! (that's ASL/BisL stuff!) I guess Skep in person counts as "merchandise"
Here's another one of Mark. Nice photoediting! The lengths some people will go to to avoid buying a mug! (And no that's not a safety pin in his ear, that's one of those Madonna-mikes)

Rob Stroud: no the wallpaper isn't mine

servicesphere: working on a better photo than this for the one-and-only Chris

Here's two pics from LEADit 2012 in Australia


bobgrins: RIP(Off) #2!

Dinzie's McDinzie
Dinzie's McDinzie, a fellow Kiwi

Ian Clayton, with an "orrible" backdrop

Brian Johnson and Jan van Bon

Antonio Valle Salas ... well actually just his fridge

At PINK12 with William Goddard a.k.a @Helpdesk_info

At ISACA Insights 2012 with Glenn O'Donnell

LEADit 2012

LEADit 2012
Front: Ivor Macfarlane, Simone Moore, Brian Kerr
Back: Skep, Mark Smalley

At Pink13 with Oleg Skrynnik, of Cleverics in Moscow, who translated two of my books into Russian, bless them.

Martin Andenmatten, ITIL Forum, Sarnen, Switzerland

SDI13, Birmingham, with Chris Dancy, Barclay Rae, and Mark Smalley

With the awesome Fatima Cabral at PinkForum14

Fiddling with technology at the same conference with George Spalding

The truly awesome Gene Kim at "his" conference DevOps Enterprise DOES14

with Glenn O'Donnell and Cray-1 computer (San Francisco Museum of Computing, DOES14 conference)

Matthew MacFarland, Texas good-guy, at DOES14


The skeptic book?

What is the new book about?

BTW: Can you please photoshop out the beer belly?

There are two IT Skeptic books in preparation

  • In review phase: Introduction to Real ITSM, Rob England (The IT Skeptic), Lulu?? 2008, ISBN: to be assigned
  • In preparation: Owning ITIL: A Decision Maker's Guide, Rob England (The IT Skeptic), publisher to be determined, 2008 we hope, ISBN: to be assigned

P.S. There is only so much that technology can fix

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