Note to devops; smaller changes do not equate to less risk

To say smaller frequent changes are less risky is a dangerous fallacy. Tweet this

Botchagalupe is a devops believer

My e-friend and debate sparring partner John M Willis, also known as Botchagalupe, provided the soundtrack for a Rambling Kid Realitsm song for me. Now he sings out for DevOps with this great song "I heard DevOps"

DevOps and ITIL

Recently I had a few things to say about DevOps. In a nutshell, DevOps is a niche approach to service design and delivery, which won't have much impact in the near future on traditional Operations of core systems. The concept of better integration between Dev and Ops is good, but the cultural issues and most of all the risks speak against it. And the way some people interpret it is downright dangerous. Now I want to zoom in to look at the relationship between DevOps and ITIL.

DevOps and traditional ITSM - why DevOps won't change the world any time soon

In which we discuss DevOps: the threat it presents to successful IT service delivery, and why I think DevOps will be a niche novelty for a while yet.

Dev needs to understand what Ops is for

A recent blog post made me angry. This is one cause of the Dev-Ops divide: ignorance of what the other side does. I expect some of that in the trade, down at the coalface amongst Dev and Ops practitioners. I don't expect it from Forrester analysts.

A new concept goes into over-hype: Agile

The latest buzz in IT is of course Agile, and its bastard spawn DevOps. I've written before about how the change is becoming the steady state and stability the exception; and how the old mainframe-centric concepts of change control will have to adapt. I'm even confident that concepts from agile will play an important part in that. But nothing in that warrants the frenzied hype around agile right now. And most of all, nothing in that warrants letting the IT cowboys out of the corral.

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