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It's not often you find an ITSM blog that is thoughtful, useful, knowledgeable, suitably skeptical, and NOT written to regurgitate basic ITIL descritpions or to advance the ego of the blogger. (How many of those does the IT Skeptic fail on?). The dev2ops blog has been around for a couple of years, quietly providing value. The fact that it is focused on the trendy new infrastructure like cloud etc should not put you off. Much of it is just as applicable to the overlaps between development and operations in the real world. And it's a good read.



Thanks for the shout out.

At the end of the day, good IT management is good IT management, but we do focus quite a bit on the web operations perspective.

Part of the reason is that web operations is the world that Alex and I live in on a daily basis (via ControlTier... helping e-commerce and SaaS companies improve the efficiency and reliability of their operations).

The other part of the reason is that we see web operations as the canary in the coal mine (to stretch the metaphor somewhat) for IT operations. Put it this way, you're the CEO of a Fortune 100 company making aircraft engines... improving the efficiency and reliability of your IT operations is around #32 on the top 50 things you worry about every day. If you are the CEO of an online company whose entire revenue comes from what you can generate through your website, suddenly it jumps to the top of the list (or at least near the top of the list).


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