Deep discounts for ITIL Live™

As predicted, they're doing it hard at TSO: ITIL Live subscription has been slashed BY over 60%, from £2,500 to £950 (not that's not for life, just for a year). Now it is just insanely expensive rather than hilarious. Given that we were originally promised it for free, I still think they have a damned gall.

And the itSMFUSA are peddling it for them with emails to all members. it is sold via the itSMFUSA shop, so hopefully itSMF thereby get a cut for all the free marketing. Wonder how the corporate sponsors of itSMFUSA feel about it.

We pointed out how silly the price was, compared it unfavourably with the McKinsey Quarterly subscription, and wondered how they hope to get any takers with such an invisible website. Now reality, and the recession, and competition, are finally biting for TSO.

Somebody let me know when they get below a hundred quid OK?



A Quote fromBlog entry submitted by skeptic on Wed, 2009-04-01 20:42
"Well of course we need to test for all the requirements in the books. Anything less would be a subjective re-interpretation of the books by the standard's author. Since the standard is developed by a small group it is essential it be comprehensive to avoid claims that it is just opinion."

I wonder where the world of tecnology would be if this had been the attitude in 1964.


OK I'll bite: what happened in 1964?

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