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RealIT RadioMy new podcast series, RealIT Radio, now has five episodes. I'm interested in feedback and suggestions please.

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RealIT Radio has a unified theme: "real IT" ("reality", get it?). The purpose is to act as an antidote to the unrealistic IT depicted so often by pundits and vendors, where cultures transform in months, techniques like ITSM or DevOps are a panacea, and new technology changes everything. The world just isn't like that.

IT is hard. There are deep intractible systemic problems to be addressed. Real practitioners deal with messy legacies, mediocre staff, misdirected management, and/or ill-conceived strategies. There are no simple fixes, and there sure as hell aren't quick ones.

I want to stick to that theme, of reminding us of what's real in IT, at the coal face, down in the trenches, behind the mast, at the helm... of ordinary everyday organisations that aren't special snowflakes, that aren't entrepreneural startups, that aren't webscale unicorns, that aren't mega-billion dollar tech retailers. I've defined and discussed RealIT here.

(1) What would you like in the format?

RealIT RadioI have the best intentions of bringing in some guests, but as a not-for-profit exercise in getting a message out there, I tend to do it with minimal logistics, which is to say I haven't got around to it.

(2) What topics should I address?

There is a pane to the right of the RealIT Radio website which shows my thoughts for future episodes. Currently it says

    Shadow IT and Dark IT
    Personal digital experience is not RealIT
    Pace of technological and human change
    DevOps Enterprise
    Managing and improving with little or no measuring
    Rabbit stew and executive support
    CMDB is a diversion
    Engagement models to improve supplier relationships
    IT techs aren't normal
    ITIL relevance and future

And (3) What do you think of the series so far?

Feedback in the comments below please, or on a postcard to The IT Skeptic.

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