AXELOS are on a roll with ITIL and PRINCE2

The latest (October 9th 2013) newsletter from AXELOS shows they are saying and doing all the right things.

As ITSM Portal said

AXELOS does it better...
One of the first initiatives of Axelos is to quit acting as the competitor of its on partners, as APMG did.

Ironically APMG are one of the ten EIs that AXELOS have confirmed to go forward selling and certifying their Global Best Practice training programmes.

AXELOS are rocking out new stuff at an impressive rate, including an ITIL maturity assessment due this month. The theoretical purists are right that such an assessment is rubbish, because ITIL is supposedly adaptive and not a standard, but we've had ITIL software compliance assessment for years, TIPA assessment came out for ITIL V2 (and nobody noticed), and the practitioner community still craves a way to measure their compliance (though they've got ISO20000 which has been met with equal disinterest). The demand is there, and just because it is theoretically daft is not going to stop AXELOS responding to that demand.

Of course scepticism about AXELOS remains, not least here in this blog. A recent tweet by @ClaireAgutter summed it up:

let's see the price list before we say that nothing changed

There is much nervousness around a profit-driven corporation owning the core of our industry's IP, and how that may motivate future directions. I've said it before and Aale Roos recently said the same thing (though i can't find where right now): AXELOS will be focused on selling the product better not making the product better. Don't expect quality improvement to be the top priority: expanding the market will be top. Don't worry: the IT Skeptic will be watching and voicing concerns on your behalf when necessary.

For now AXELOS seem to be doing a good job. As an arch capitalist and libertarian I'm not sure why I am pleasantly surprised :)

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