COBIT 5 will be released in April

ISACA have announced to members that COBIT 5 will be released in "mid-April".

The release includes three publications:

  • COBIT 5 (Framework)
  • COBIT 5: Enabling Processes
  • COBIT 5 Implementation

...and a "toolkit", an undefined "set of resources". I smell spreadsheets.

Cost to ISACA members for the pdf version? Nada. Free. Suck on that Cabinet Office/TSO/itSMF.

And ISACA is providing a separate download server for members so as not to have to compete for bandwidth with the great unwashed masses.

There is already a load of free IP about COBIT 5 for download on the website .

ISACA is about $150 depending on what your local chapter charges (It is included: ISACA International processes the membership centrally and forwards the local component to the chapter. Imagine itSMF doing that.) $20 off to join online.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think itSMF membership compares really badly in terms of value returned for your money. itSMF won't ever offer ITIL for free to members because they can't: it is locked up by TSO, a private for-profit company, thanks to the wisdom of the British government.

I can't wait to check the copyright section in the COBIT 5 books.


COBIT is out

Late news but COBIT 5 is of course out now:

COBIT 5 now also involves the business

Hi Skep,

I attended last week the belgian yearly conference last week arounf the topic "live the business".

First of all, I was hapily surprised to see that this year, the cheaper member fee was also applicable to ISACA members. It seems the 2 communities (ITSMF and ISACA) are interacting more in Belgium. Good news.
Secondly, the opening keynote was given by an ISACA specialist that announced COBIT 5 END of April. He briefly presented COBIT 5 (as you explain in your bog) and announced that one of the main changes involves associating the business in the process control. Indeed, in COBIT 5, new processes appear that are more business processes, such as "manage business process control", "manage innovation" etc. where the CEO is for example is accountable for creating an environment conductive to innovation. Furthermore, the RACI charts for each process now contains business stakeholder such as 'HR', 'CEO', 'CFO', 'business executives', etc.
These are clear signs that ISACA are trying to bring the business stakeholders into COBIT.

Another interesting discussion that was held during one of the presentations was about the ITIL name itself. Indeed, what does the business see in ITIL, well, they see "IT" or "infrastructure" of course and therefore think it's not for them but for the CIO and his/her team. The suggestion was to replace the name with something more "business" alike with no visual reference to IT in it's name.

Interesting conference :-)
Nice reading you,

Owning its own BOK

ISACA has COBIT. PMI has PMBOK. IIBA has BABOK. (ISC)2 has the CISSP CBK. Perhaps priSM or something similar is a step of right direction for the ITSM profession, owning and growing a BOK of its own could be something the ITSM community ought to seriously consider. Just my two cents.

yes but...

ITIL dominates the sector. there is no motivation to invent another. Many open-content efforts have foundered.
And anyway there is already CMMI-SVC, ISO20000, ISM, SVC-CMM, eSCM, eTOM, MOF... how many would you like?

besides, COBIT covers ITSM nicely. I use it often. Why not everyone? ISACA is an open community just like itSMF.

I think the time has come

I think the time has come for me to start delving into COBIT (and it won't cost me a bean - hurrah!)

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