IT is not a snowflake

We behave as if IT's problems are unique. But I suspect it's not so. I reckon other sectors wrestle with similar problems.

Reflections on DevOps Enterprise conference

Recently I had the privilege to attend the DevOps Enterprise conference in San Francisco, hashtag #DOES14. Videos here.

That conference was put together by a number of people, but perhaps we owe it to this guy more than anyone: Gene Kim

Axelos are dropping ITIL complementary certifications

ImageThe creeping squeeze: Axelos will no longer recognise Complementary certifications for ITIL qualifications. I can't see anything positive for the ITIL community in this. In fact the only interpretation I can imagine is an attempt by Axelos to weaken competition.

The Wright Cycle

Before there was RealIT, there was realitsm ("realism"), a spoof on ITSM. Here, from the book Introduction to Real ITSM, is the Wright Cycle:

the state of prISM

How is the prISM Institute progressing? Know what it is? No, most people don't.

Software is free like a puppy is free

Sofware is free like a puppy is free: the ongoing costs of ownership outweigh the initial price.

Do you know the professional recognition of individuals in Service Management Institute, a.k.a. prISM?

Tracking citizens

Wanting to be off-grid reflects more on the individual than on the society they are in.

the Kingdom of SIAM

There's a new buzzword on the block: SIAM, service integration and management.

Release management: landing airplanes

It's all very well to talk about "release trains" of interdependent changes as if in a sequence, but meanwhile in the real world it's a complex business scheduling inter-dependent and conflicting releases.

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