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The old mantra "People Process Technology" is a good one for taking a balanced view of all considerations in any initiative. Let's improve it a little.

I wrote before about how I prefer the wording "People, Practices, Things" or even "Community, Activity, Environment".

Greetings from Tuatapere

Merry Christmas (or your prefered mythology) and happy New Year (or your prefered calendar ) from the IT Skeptic to all of my readers. Both of you may have noticed I haven't posted for a while. Sorry about that. I've been taking a break. Right now I'm about as far away as you can get

A Cynefin model of ITSM support levels

The Cynefin model is a useful model for thinking about the situation you are in.

The last application lifecycle

All application life cycles - even the funky new Agile/DevOps ones - will degenerate into the trad old generic app support model as the business loses interest and the build team loses funding, unless of course the app gets retired first.

An important DevOps word: toolmakers

The word "toolmaker" has great explanatory power to help IT people understand how their world is changing. Those who come from the Run domain of IT (as compared to Build) are becoming toolsmiths.

What is a DevOps role

There is some confusion when organisations organise or advertise for "devops" skills or roles.
I think there are at least three "devops" skills / roles you could potentially be asking for:

Internet discourse is becoming unreal: I can't tell a Poe from an idiot any more

A fascinating phenomenon on the internet is the sophisticated illusions being spun to satirise opposing positions.

Who is the IT Skeptic?

Barclay Rae is such a deft and sensitive interviewer: our industry's Michael Parkinson.
I rediscovered this video today, where he interviewed me for ITSMTV a couple of years ago:

Is a reboot a change?

© Copyright CanstockPhoto.comToday I got asked that old perennial: Is a reboot a change?

This is an endless source of debate and will never be resolved. The answer is whatever your organisation decides it is.

Personally I think it is a change. i don't understand why this is debated. But is is.

No such thing as Root Cause

I've never really been comfortable with the concept of Root Cause. It's time to be explicit: there is no such thing.

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